Worldly Power Vs Spiritual Energy


A Message on Worldly Power versus Spiritual Energy

In an Oracle Session, I go into a trance state (which I call the Oracle State), and a spiritual messenger I call the Messenger of the Holy speaks through me. I record these sessions and often transcribe them. Below is such a transcription.


On November 21, 2015, I visited friends in Toronto, and we gathered in the living room of my dear friend Isabella for an Oracle Session. The opening of the message was profound, and I will share it with you here:

The Messenger of the Holy Said:

I see you, my children.  I see the light that is your spirit; I see the glow that is your soul. I shall distinguish between the two.  For I shall speak to you of power, and I shall speak to you of energy.  I shall speak to you of the individual, and I shall speak to you of the whole.  I shall speak to you of the mind, and I shall speak to you of the soul. For this is the lesson you have chosen today.

My children, I see your light; I see you glow.  My children, the light is the Spirit and the glow is your soul.  And I tell you, the light is movement and life. There is light in all things. There is light through all things.  My children, where you perceive life, there is light, and where you perceive substance, there is light.  From our viewpoint, everything is light. Even what you see as inanimate has the light of spirit, the signature of energy, the resonance of the holy release of creation. At the end of your days, the light in you dissipates and joins the light of the universe.

But your soul, my children, your soul is the spark of creation. It is eternal. It is the consciousness of existence. Your soul is the glow of the Holy. At the end of your days, my children, your soul remains. The Spirit is the energy of living. The Soul is the consciousness of life.  And I tell you, consciousness expands.  In the grand design of the Holy, consciousness expands.

There is a difference, my children, between mind memory and soul memory. Many of the things that that occupy your mind, that trouble your mind, that distract your mind, my children, are not retained in the soul. These occupations and preoccupations of the mind are transitory.  To the soul, they are of little significance. But soul memory is not comprised of mind occupations.  Soul memory is not transitory but eternal. Soul memory is highly imagistic, highly emotional, and always relational.  How is it, then, that you cultivate soul memory? How is it that you cultivate the eternal? It is when you live from the soul and not the mind; it is when you cultivate relationality and not singularity. Think of a relationship that is deep to you; it is greater than any singular memory, is it not? It is cumulative relationality. It is memory beyond the moment, but comprised of moments. It is felt. It is known. This is the nature of is soul memory.

My children, in many ways, it is living in the soul instead of the mind that is the Holy Way.  But I tell you, many people are not able to live in and from the soul, and many who are spirit people, whose glows are bright, can become lost and distracted in the mind.  My children, awaken your souls.  Relieve your minds of their burdens, and you will find peace; you will find harmony; you will find wisdom; you will find fulfillment. And you will expand the awareness of the Holy by cultivating the memory of the soul.  Soul memory is soul awareness, and soul awareness is the perception of relationality and unity.

How shall the Holy describe your generation? My children, your generation is defined by power. You may think it has always been so for humanity, but I tell you, there is an overwhelming desire for power in your time.  Power, my children, is different from energy.  Let us speak of power, for power is produced and power is consumed. Power is accumulated and power is wielded.  Power is gained and power is lost. Power creates only while it consumes. Power is temporary, transient.  Your culture is fixated on power. The production of power, the consumption of power, the control of power. For it is believed in your culture that those who control power, control the world.

Energy, my children, is far different. It is not consumed, it is released. It is not produced, it is transformed.  It is not lost, it is altered.  It is not discovered, it is revealed. Energy, my children, is of the Spirit. Energy is the foundation of all things. It cannot be produced. There is never more energy tomorrow than there is today. But it can be transformed. It can be harnessed. It can be directed. But energy is never consumed, it is only released, given, transformed. It is the great release of the Holy that is the origin of the universe, and in the release of energy, there is life.

Power, my children, in the way your culture conceives of it, is a limited resource. Do you see?  So there is hoarding.  Power separates. Power controls. Power distorts. Power distracts. Power contaminates. Power consumes. What is it that the power feeds?  Have you wondered? Why does your generation desire power? Power feeds and defines the yearning for self. It is identity, my children. The power feeds identity. The power produces identity. The power defines identity. The power reflects identity. Power, for your generation, is identity.  The signs of power become the marks of identity. The people are deceived to believe that identity is determined by the reflection of power and consumption.  Identity is defined by the possession of the signs of power.  For your generation, the signs of power become the signs of identity. Your people are defined by possessions, and possessions are derived from the production and consumption of power. Such an identity, of course, is temporary and vulnerable. The identity through power must be protected, for, like power, identity can be lost. Thus, those defined by the possessions of the signs of power must defend these signs. To do so, alliances are made for the protection of power, which is ultimately the protection of identity: self, family, region, religion, country. These understandings of identity are the products of power, and they are empty of soul.

My children, identity is of the mind.  Identity is not of the soul. The soul has no identity, for the soul is the expansion of consciousness beyond the limits of mind, time and self. My children, the first thing you must relinquish to join the Holy way is identity. Give up your self, my children, and all that defines it. Relinquish the illusions of power, and live in awareness of the energy that flows through you, that enlivens you, that binds you, that opens you.  My children, do not be deceived by power. Do not be deceived by the production of it, by the consumption of it, by the desire for it, by the defining through it. For, my children, power is the poison of your generation, and energy is the spirit of the Holy.  You, my children, shine and glow with spirit and soul.

Identity is born of power. Identity divides and separates and controls. Identity hoards, consumes and kills.  Identity is of the self, and the Holy is of the unity. There is no individuality in the Holy. There is only unity, energy, light. In the Holy, we realize that our light, our soul, is connected to all light and all soul. The energy of the universe is the light of the spirit, and the Whole of the Holy is the unity of Soul.

Look at the universe, my children, and see the energy. It is majestic is it not? Even in the dark places, we see light.  In the cosmos, you are beginning to discover the dark matter, the dark energy. My children, from the Holy perspective, we see only light. We see only love. The energy of the Holy is as gravity. It holds everything together, does it not? Yet it allows everything to expand. See the wisdom of it. It is the love of the Sacred that binds everything together and yet allows it to expand. Do you see, my children? Bind yourselves together and allow your awareness to expand, and you will know the love of the Holy. And the dark places, my children, will be revealed as the passages between the layers of consciousness and the currents of energy.

I see your energies, and I will describe what I see.  I see your glowing, and I shall explain what I see.  You are a beautiful gathering.





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