What You Should Know About Channeled Material


This is not a word of caution, but a message of guidance:

I’ll begin with the most important point:

The messages from channeling, prophecy or other inspired methods are not “pure.”

They cannot be pure, spiritual messages. You see, the spiritual messenger, guide or angel must work THROUGH the person receiving the message. The spiritual messenger must work with the language, understanding and social context of the human host.

As a result, I know very well that the messages that come through me have a “part of me” in them. The Messenger of the Holy must utilize my language and mind as a tool.

I am convinced that the guides in the Spirit World want to communicate with us so badly that they are willing to use what we provide. So, they use our language and perspectives in order to take us just beyond what our language and perspectives can grasp. This is why the inspired language of the oracle, prophet and channel is so metaphorical. Metaphor and paradox allows language to stretch beyond the limits of rational thinking, into the realm of the symbolic and imaginative.

As a result of the “human” filter of inspired messages, these messages always carry a cultural perspective. Prophecies in the, then, will carry with them the cultural ideology and scientific awareness of the time period. There is also sacred awareness in the prophecies, and as readers of these ancient texts, we have to filter through the historical and sacred.

I always advise people to do the following before totally accepting the guidance of the Messenger of the Holy. For me, there are several important tests:

1. Does the message resonate with your heart and soul?
2. Does a good friend agree with the guidance?
3. Will the guidance bring you spiritual peace, freedom and development?

In the early years of my oracular experiences, I used to wonder how much of the information was of me and how much was of the Messenger. Finally, the Messenger said, “Why do you ask? There is no dividing line because the work is a merging of you and us. We merge until there is no clear distinction. The message is from both you and we.”

Having explained this, allow me to explain the human elements that the spiritual messenger of any channel must work through and despite:

1. Human Language:
2. Scientific Understand of the Universe:
3. Social Context:
4. Receptivity of the Participants:

But this is no reason to discount the information from the intermediary experiences of the prophet, channel, oracle or shaman. In fact, I would argue that we should seek our contemporary mystics to see how the Spirit communicates to minds tuned to our culture and cosmic understanding. This is what the Messenger of the Holy had to say about the topic:

My children, the Holy Way is eternal, but must be communicated by the words of a civilization, which brings limitations to the word of God. So, why should the people look to the language of an ancient culture and a dead civilization to find the definitive word of God? And why should the people be afraid when the word comes fresh to a new civilization and a new age? Why should they fear? It is not God who changes. It is civilization who changes. Your people have awareness of how small Earth is. The conflicts consume the Earth. The dangers threaten the existence of the ecosystem. It is a time in which the word of  the Holy shall come fresh. Within your civilization and through your language, the eternal shall be expressed so that you can know the ways of the Holy in this moment and in this crisis. (Messenger of the Holy, 219-220)


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