Starving the Mind; Feeding the Soul


Oracle Session

The Soul and The Mind

August 3, 2016

Below is the transcript from an Oracle Session.

In an Oracle Session, I go into a trance state (which I call the Oracle State), and a spiritual messenger I call the Messenger of the Holy speaks through me. I record these sessions and often transcribe them. Below is such a transcription.

The Messenger of the Holy Said:

My children, I see you.  It is an honor to come close at this time, to see you, to celebrate you, to inform you. Your curiosity combines the curiosity of mind and the curiosity of Soul.  Feeding one can starve the other, so let us feed the Soul and starve the mind so that the awareness is deeper than what can be understood.  Feed the mind, my children, and you can starve the Soul.  Feed the Soul, my children, and starve the mind for your mind is not your life.  Your mind will learn to feed upon the abundance of the Soul.  This is the Holy Way, to let the mind feed upon the abundance of the Soul.  If you let your mind feed upon the substance of your culture the Soul will starve.  There are many among you with fat minds and undernourished Souls.  My children, feed your Soul and your mind will thrive, unencumbered.  The mind will sink to the bottom of truth.  The mind fed on the Soul, my children, is a keen instrument.  And a keen and sharpened instrument will allow you to detach your fear, detach your emptiness, detach your identity, detach your desires.  Detach, my children, so that your Soul is free, your mind is lean.

How should we feed the Soul?  My children, the Soul soaks in the Holy waters, the Holy energies.  The Soul could feed while you sleep.  The Soul could feed while you pray. The Soul could feed while you meditate. The Soul could feed while you walk.  The Soul could feed, my children, while you read.  The Soul is always ready to absorb the energy of the Holy.  So, live open, my children, live open and your Soul will open.  It will swell.  It will blossom.  It will bring forth fruits.  It can feed the multitudes with peace and stability and fulfillment.  The garden of the Soul, my children, is a garden that only grows organically.  It can not be fertilized by the substances created of industry.  No.  It is fertilized just as the river shore is fertilized by the rushing waters by the living stream, by the Holy energies.

Let us look at these Holy energies for they are all around you.  They are all around you.  They are swirling through all things.  Animate and inanimate, they are all filled with light.  You could say they are all filled with energy, and even your science will support this.  But it is not just energy; it is light.  It is Spirit.  And I tell you this, even when your science finds nothing, there is energy and spirit.  Even the emptiness of space in which there is perhaps a molecule of substance in a square mile, even here I see light.  Light, then, is not bound by substance.  The life and energy of the Holy is not only embodied in substance, it is everywhere and nowhere at the same time, through all things, beyond all things and surrounding all things, between all things.  My children, it is light.  It is life.

And what about you?  Your bodies are filled with light, with energy.  Every molecule indeed is light.  And this light allows you to move, think, breathe, touch, love.  What of that Soul?  My children, what of that Soul?  I tell you, the Soul is precious.  While there is energy in all things, between all things, even in the emptiness of space, there is not a Soul in all things.  The Soul rides the energy.  The Soul abides in energy.  The Soul grows, feeds on energy.  Yes. And I tell you more. The Soul also grows through experience.  This brings us to the purpose of life: the embodied Soul.  The embodied Soul, my children, is a precious element of the universe, of creation.  And it is you.  It is more than you. It is connected to all Souls, which is connected to all energy which is connected to all substance which is connected to the space of nothing. How was it, my children that your body contains the Soul of the universe and through your body flows the energy of the universe?  I tell you, it is so.

What is this isolation that you feel? Your Soul, your identity seems isolated.  It seems singular.  How is it I can tell you your Soul is connected to all Souls but your experience of life is both singular and linear?  It is not as it appears, my children, and your Souls know this.  Your mind sees singularity, separation, isolation.  Your mind sees beginnings, middles, ends.  But I tell you, your Soul understands and feels the connection of all things and understands and feels that the cycles are connected to the ultimate design, and they are not linear at all.  Feed your Soul, then, to understand these mysteries, and your mind will release itself and focus upon the most essential elements of growth of Soul.  Your experience provides the opportunity for the growth of Soul.

So here you are in embodied Soul connected to all things, connected then to all wisdom, all knowledge but experientially isolated.  What is the wisdom in that?  I tell you, it is your individual circumstance, your individual moments and choices that become the possibilities for the growth of Soul.  My children, you must see the wisdom of it.  You cannot grow if you are connected entirely to the universal.  Do you see?  You already know.  But in the situations of your life circumstance, there is choice.  There is emotion.  There is the necessity of survival.  There is the complexity of relationships.  There are the forces of the natural and social orders, and here you have been cast to choose, to experience, to learn, to grow, to love, to seek that which is beyond yourself, and the Soul of the universe expands in and through you.

The larger question is this, and it is a question I cannot answer entirely.  The larger question is who and by what means was this system constructed?  Was it the wisdom of the universe to decide that the experience of individuality was necessary to promote the growth the Soul?  Was it a trick and a test devised by the wisdom of the universe, or was it that the life of the universe presented the opportunity? But the opportunity comes with the mind and body that cannot comprehend the knowledge of the Soul?  Therefore, the Soul is confined by the sensations and awareness of the body.  The two possibilities present a very different understanding of the spirit of the universe.  One is conniving and testing and the other is creative, making something out of opportunity.  The one is controlling.  The other is allowing.

My children, this shall be shocking somewhat. The Holy, The Spirit of the Universe, the Creator, is not in control.  Control was released at the moment of creation.  Control was released, and that is the beauty of the grand design because it allows for the possibilities, the creative possibilities, of growth.  In the beginning was the release.  There was great expansion, light and energy, the source of everything.  What was once contained was released, and the very heart of the spirit of the universe burst forth, releasing power, releasing control, releasing understanding, even releasing expectation.  But not releasing hope and assurance. Where there is life, there is Soul; where there is Soul, there is assurance; where there is assurance, there is hope. Indeed, where there is Soul, there is unity, growth, love, compassion.  In the great expanse of the light and energy, substance became.  Gasses became.  Bodies became.  And behold, there are forces of attraction in and between the gravitational pulls of the bodies. There is a swirling and spinning, and out of the disorder there is order, patterns, cycles—and coursing through these cycles is the energy, spirit and light of the universe.

Does it have intention?  Does it have self-awareness?  This I cannot answer.  But it is moving at all times through creation.  Is it creating the order and the cycles?  I cannot answer this, but the Soul knows.  The Soul knows that the Spirit always unifies, always embraces; therefore, there is intention; there is awareness even in the Spirit of Life.  In the substance, then, became possibilities.  New combinations, new substances and planets are formed.  Suns or stars gather and shine forth the energies, my children, and the Spirit of Life found substance to animate.  The possibilities were created by the release.  Were they planned? Or were they merely trusted?

So my children, on this beautiful place life became.  Life became and when life becomes it is at the mercy of the powers of the environment that allow the life itself.  One cannot separate the life from the ecosystem that allows it to be.  The circumstance, then, of this place creates the possibilities of this life.  In the possibilities there are limitations.  Some of those limitations are the body itself, the mind itself; and the Holy said, “I shall be in it.  I shall feel the limitations.  I shall suffer the pains.  I shall know the joys.  I shall be in it!  I shall be in it.”  So my children, the Spirit of Life animates the possibilities of living.  And there is consciousness even in this act.  The consciousness expands.  The consciousness evolves.  The consciousness, my children, is like bubbles in the water that can merge with other bubbles or be split into many bubbles.  And consciousness is also like hail in the clouds that gathers layers as it moves through the atmosphere.  And consciousness is also like the pearl in the clam that adds layers of secretion that become layers of translucent beauty.  So my children, here you are, you’re wholly consciousness with layers of awareness, centuries of development. Eons are contained in a body with limited perception, and it is a beautiful thing.  It is a beautiful thing.  When your Soul is liberated from the confines of the body at death, the Soul memory is retained.  The Mind memory, it passes away.  But the Mind memory leaves imprints on the Soul.  And the Soul memory contains the love, the relationality.  This is all that is retained.  Anger passes away with the mind.  Frustrations pass away with the circumstance.  Limitations pass away with the body.  What is retained is the love of relationality.  This is eternal.  It is eternal.  And it expands.

Do you think that the connection the two of you have will pass away when your bodies will pass away?  My children, you have seen too much together.  Your Souls have merged.  You are eternally linked, and with this link comes the link of families.  The link of constellations.  We are all linked, we are all linked until there is finally one constellation.  But even as I say this, I must tell you, there are primary constellations.  Primary gatherings in which the Souls have merged, have grown, have divided, have merged again, have grown, have chosen to be embodied, have chosen to sacrifice and grow. For some Souls it is a sacrifice to leave the beauty, the unity of the Holy and to be embodied. But I tell you this.  For other Souls, it is the greatest, exciting privilege. Which do you think you have?  My children, you are not labored by your learning. The two of you both know your constellations, your families, shall we say. You are guided by them.  You are guided by them.

Michael, you saw us. You saw us very clearly on a cold night under the stars.  You were out of your body and your body did not even feel the snow around your toes. You saw us, my silly boy; you saw us. And my daughter Sally, you hear us. Do not be confused by the many visions, the many voices, the many sensations, for there are Souls around you constantly. You know when you are touched by one of your spirit companions. They speak to you.  They guide you. And when you are alone they send you a companion. It is a beautiful system that has taken shape through the hopeful release of the Spirit of the Universe.

I will tell you something that will amaze your minds.  There are many universes. Creation is a song, a song with a beat. The beat of a drum.  And every beat is a new release, a new universe. Every beating of the drum is a Great Bang.  And my children, it is a song, it is a song.  You are shaping one beat of the song of creation. You are not even a single syllable of the song of creation. My children, I ride the song and the song plays in you.  The entire song. Not just the beat of the energy which you ride. The entire song is contained in you!

How can this be?! How can this be?The song never ends. It is always new. It does not repeat and the entire song is accessible to every Soul. It is too much, it is too beautiful, it is too grand. I love this beat of this song. This beat of which you ride is my favorite. I am called to you. We are called to you.  Our eyes watch; our very Souls sing.  My children, we will support you.  We will support you.  We are both servants of the Soul, gardeners of the Soul, indeed.  Indeed.

That is the lesson you have requested. You may have questions and the energy is strong, so you may ask. You may ask. The night is young. The host is healthy.

Michael’s mind is saying, “Holy Shit, are you getting this?”

Sally (laughing): That sounds like Michael

Messenger: We do not judge; we simply report.

Sally: Yes, Michael.  It’s been recorded.

Messenger: Such a beautiful, amazing lesson, his mind says.  He is at peace.  You are at pieces.  The pieces, the pieces of all of your concerns and frustrations are pieces of life.

Sally: Why do they seem so big sometimes when other times it is clear how small they are?

Messenger: This is dependent on whether you see from the mind or see from the Soul.  The mind dominates.  Your amazing mind arises from the circumstances of development: the ecosystem, the evolution of survival, and these circumstances form the mind’s awareness, its concerns, its fears, its desires.  Your mind is triggered by the necessities of living, and this can dominate the Soul.  In fact, that is the natural state.

Sally: So how do you help it not dominate the Soul?

Messenger: That is the trick.  That is the initial challenge of living.  The Masters teach the methods for there have always been Souls that know.  There are always Souls that know more than the mind and there are always minds secure and stable enough to release to the Soul.  There are always minds that understand that individual life is of no consequence.  Therefore, the mind must be released and the Soul must speak.  The question I have and cannot answer is this: where did the wise Souls begin?  Did they also evolve?  Or were they from the origins of the release?  Are they somehow the remnants of the Great Awareness?  I can not answer this, but I tell you there have always been the Old Souls.  And their teachings continue.  The initial challenge is listening to the Soul, and understanding the Soul knows more than the mind.  And the mind must be set at ease; liberated from all the triggers for survival.  Ironically, when the mind is released, it is more capable of choices for survival.  This is not likely to change in the next five or six thousand years.  So the human experience will always have this initial challenge.  But I tell you this, more and more Old Souls are embodied.  The challenges will exist, but the Souls will expand.  Therefore, human consciousness will expand and the mind then will be changed by the Soul.  This is the movement of which you are a part.  It is time for the Mind to be altered by the Soul.  Gradually it takes place, but here is the irony.  There have always been Souls with liberated minds.  You are evolving towards something that has always existed.  It is not linear at all.  But in the critical mass, you can see it.  You can see the change.  You can feel it in the young ones.  Something is happening.  The Souls are changing the minds.  When the minds change, everything changes.  Their social structure changes.  Their means of consumption change.  Their understanding of wealth and sharing change.  How many generations will it take?  I tell you, the Souls are preparing for the catastrophe.  Catastrophic struggles are at hand.  Famine like the world has never known.  Floods unprecedented.

Sally: This generation?

Messenger: No. This generation is aware.  You fear it.  You do not think you can stop it, and you spin your stories about it.

Sally: We can stop it?

Messenger: We can alleviate it.

Sally: How so?

Messenger: The Souls change the mind which change the society.  Then the catastrophe will not be as intense.  But I tell you, it is turning.  The wheel of circumstance is turning. The momentum is increasing. The greater the momentum, the more the crushing weight will increase. Do not be afraid.  Do not be afraid.  The Soul survives.  The mind changes.  It is not a new heaven and a new earth that comes.  It is a renewed understanding of spirit and matter.  Renewal.  You are going through a shift that brings renewal.  The storm blows down the trees.  The lightning creates the forest fire, and when it all passes away, the ground is fertile for new life.  The scorching is temporary.  I tell you this, you are in a good place.  Ohio is a good place.  The Heartland.  The energy is strong.  The Mother is strong.  The people are strong.  This is the center.

Sally: The center of what?

Messenger: The re-newed heaven and the re-newed Earth.

Sally: Ohio is?

Messenger: There are several centers.

Sally: Makes sense.

Messenger: It is larger than Ohio.  You will not see it.  Your children will see its beginning.  Your children’s children will survive it.  Your children’s children’s children will be the renewal.

Sally: That’s not very long from now.

Messenger: Indeed.  The preparations are beginning.  Preparations of Soul and Spirit.  So you may ask, why can’t Soul change the course?  But life is dependent upon the circumstance of living.  The environment, the cycles, the choices. If the mind is not quieted to listen to the Soul, the mind dominates. This is true of the individual and the entire society. If the mind of society dominates, the Soul of the society will remain concealed.

Sally: So what can I do to help the generations prepare?

Messenger: Love.  Teach.  And love the mentors for the survivors.  You are teaching more than you understand, and you are loving more than you realize.  And the generations of the mentors of the survivors are learning from you.

Sally: Why do I feel I am doing less now than ever?

Messenger: We can speak of your circumstances.  So much has been churning and turning.  You are actually in a reflective moment.  You are inbetween phases.  Do you feel it?

Sally: Yeah.

Messenger: You are inbetween phases.  It is likely there will be disorientation in the in between.  And then when you push through and continue, you will see the connection of the whole and realize everything has prepared you for this.

Sally: It feels like a long inbetween.

Messenger: Indeed.

Sally: I know it is nothing in the big scheme of things, but in one little life it feels pretty long.

Messenger: Indeed.  The inbetween is the wilderness.  The wilderness can seem like an entire generation.

Sally: That makes sense.

Messenger: That’s the story.

Sally: Tell me more about how I can feed my Soul.

Messenger: Ah, yes.  Feeding the Soul, of course, is a metaphor.  Opening the Soul and allowing the Soul to influence the Mind, allows the mind to reduce the impact of fears and anxieties, desires and expectations.  So quieting the mind allows the full extent of the Soul to reach the mind.  There are many ways to quiet the mind.  For some, quieting the mind comes when the mind is focused in creativity.  For some it comes when the body is at work and active.  For some it comes when the body is at rest and the mind is focused in meditation.  It depends upon your construction and your experience.  My daughter, your mind is busy.  It is a good mind, sharp.  You see so many connections and so many possibilities at once.  To some extent this is the influence of your Soul on your mind.  You are very hopeful.  Even when you think you are not, you are hopeful.  Your Soul is hopeful and your mind is influenced.  It is hard for you to quiet your mind for very long.  Does this make sense?

Sally: Yes.

Messenger: Yes.  It takes great discipline then.  To focus the mind on one thing, perhaps the breath, perhaps the sensation of a particular place of the body.  And then the mind over time learns such focus, such utter focus, that it actually relinquishes everything, even the focus.  First it relinquishes stimulation.  Then it relinquishes distraction.  Then it relinquishes worry.  Then it relinquishes expectation.  All while it is focused.  Until finally it relinquishes….focus.  And on that journey of meditation, the Soul expands, influences the mind, calms the mind, allows the mind to set aside the distractions that keep it from awareness of the larger perspective.  You have had these moments when clarity comes, intense clarity. Think if you could sustain those moments for 20 minutes, half an hour, an hour, it would radically change every other moment.

Sally: That would be pretty cool.

Messenger: Yes. Even the trained mind cannot sustain the focus.  Because survival is a necessity. But the peaceful mind is transformed for all other moments and situations and circumstances. It is not a learning as much as a being.  This is one strategy, and it is the one that can work for you. You feel free when you are in new circumstance and in these circumstances you are separated from the distractions, the worries. Does this make sense to you?

Sally: Yes, very much.

Messenger: What happens if you can take a vacation sitting in your chair?

Sally: That would be great.

Messenger: Indeed.

Sally: I’m pretty sure you know of my impulse to travel these days.

Messenger: Indeed.

Sally: And the fact that I fight it for a change. Much of it.

Messenger: Indeed. There is the curiosity of Soul and mind, but there is also the escape.

Sally: Right.

Messenger: Indeed.  What is it you escape?

Sally:  Um, people’s expectations of me as I see it and the constant barrage of input.

Messenger: Yes.

Sally: And therefore to me that quiets the mind.

Messenger: Yes.

Sally: And allows me to-

Messenger:  -see clearly. Prioritize.  Refresh.

Sally:  So to me it’s a good thing, but I always hear escape is not a good thing, that I need to change what it is or why it is that I feel the need to escape.

Messenger:  I will reframe your escape. Your escape is simply freeing the mind from distraction from the emotions.

Sally:  So it is not really an escape.

Messenger:  It is freeing.

Sally:  Freedom means a lot to me.

Messenger: Indeed! So think of meditation as escape that is freedom.  A vacation for 10 minutes, 15 minutes, 20 minutes.  It transforms you and allows the mind to be at peace and the Soul to be an influence with clarity. And suddenly expectations of yourself and of others has very little significance or influence because they are not actually real.

Sally: So what is not real eternally is not real in Earthly terms?  Is that true?

Messenger: Not entirely. Not entirely at all. The trees are real.  The Earth is real.  The air you breathe is real.  Your body’s sensations are not entirely real.  Your mind’s expectations are not real. How is it that the tree can be real but your experience of the tree is not entirely real?

Sally: That’s what I want to know.

Messenger: Indeed. Indeed. It makes one wonder what is reality.  Is it reality when I see it as light? Is this more real then when you see it as substance, bark, material?  Which is more real?  When you touch the wood and feel its weight or when I pass through it and see only its energy? Which is more real?  It does make you wonder, does it not? I tell you, the tree IS. I tell you your sensations are.  But what is real? There is not really an answer.  There is only perception.  I have no eyes of flesh…

Sally: But I see that you see-

Messenger:  -Indeed-

Sally: -more than we can.  Here right now.

Messenger: Differently.

Sally: Not more?

Messenger: Depends on your perspective..

Sally:  More dimensions.

Messenger: Indeed.  But I cannot see the beauty of the flesh.   I have seen.  And I see through you.And I see through Michael. He is a good perceiver.  Wonderfully mysterious, is it not?  Quite beautiful.  The whole thing astounds, astounds me. Astounds Us. Astounds you. This is why the Angels are said to sing.  What more can we do or imagine?

The joy of life, energy, awareness, consciousness, relationship, love–tthere is joy, more joy than your body can contain. In fact, it would shake you apart.  Touch the joy.  Just touch it.

Sally: By focusing on the Soul?

Messenger:  There are so many ways to touch the joy.

Sally: How are some ways I may have done so already?

Messenger: Looking at the flame. Feeling the grass between your toes.  There is joy. Holding the hand of your daughter, there is joy. Focusing the mind frees the Soul but there is joy no matter what!  The joy breaks through, resounds.  There is no denying the joy. There is no disguising the joy.

Sally: It is good stuff.

Messenger: It is unmistakable.  You can be distracted from the joy but you can not limit the joy.  You can not silence the song.  You can not put out the fire.  There is joy.  It is a song.  The song of creation and the beat of your universe.

Sally: Are there Souls in animals?

Messenger: Indeed. There are Souls in animals. There are Souls in insects. The awareness of Souls in animals and insects have led to many traditions of reincarnation, and they are not all together inaccurate. The Souls can accumulate. Souls can combine, as I’ve said, bubbles combine.  Souls are constantly created. But Souls do not always combine. The Soul of the lightning bug that is smashed–it may adhere to another bubble and become a larger Soul. Is there consciousness in this Soul? Certainly. But not the self-consciousness of a developed Soul. Can Souls be redistributed from human awareness to animal awareness? Certainly! Some Souls are split apart. Do you see? Sometimes a Soul chooses to come. In these cases, usually the dominant life form is chosen, in this case humanity. But the need for a Soul is like the first breath of a baby.  And air enters and a Soul is created. Sometimes the air that is breathed in is a fully developed Soul. Sometimes the Soul chooses the body before that first inhale. I’m not saying that the first breath is the moment of the Soul but I am saying that the universe has many breaths. Each is an opportunity for Soul.  Sometimes a bit of a Soul goes into an animal. That Soul is still mature and complete to go into a person. Sometimes the Earth generates a Soul for an animal, for an insect. The trees generate more than oxygen. The life, the light generates, congeals, creates.

Sally: Do trees generate more than bushes and grass? Or is it all the same?

Messenger: It is all generating. The rock generates.

Sally: I’ve heard it been said that rocks retain memory of the Earth.

Messenger: Indeed.

Sally: More than other things?

Messenger: There is life and consciousness resonance even in the dirt.  But rocks, rocks contain the heat and energy of their moment of creation.  And what moment is that? It is the moment of the great release.  All the energy has the same origin. All substance has the same origin. The beat of the drum. The release of the spirit. Does the rock remember?  I tell you, your fingernail has the memory of the release.

Sally: I should pay more attention to my fingernail then, shouldn’t I?

Messenger: The rock is different from the fingernail however.  For the rock has a greater history of being than does the fingernail. Do you see?

Sally: Mm hm.

Messenger: This is the memory of what you speak.

[Personal Material Redacted]

Messenger: It is a creative act. Living is a creative act. One does not control life.

Sally: Do I try to control life?

Messenger: Indeed.

Sally:  All the time or just some of the times?  Most of the time?

Messenger: It is quite natural. My daughter, you are quite a mix. There are times you relinquish control quite easily. There are other times you fool yourself into the idea that you are relinquishing control. Just like little tests…

Sally: Tests for myself?  Test for what?

Messenger: Tests for projects, for visions, for ideas.  There are no tests. There is only releasing to the possibility.  The greatest possibilities are the greatest risk for the mind and the greatest opportunities for the Soul.

[Personal Material Redacted]

Messenger: Of course. The Kingdom of Heaven is all around. The water of life is always accessible.  She is a beautiful Soul.  She merely needs to calm the mind and let the Soul speak.  It is a wise and beautiful Soul. You see it shining. Do you not?

Sally: Absolutely.

Messenger: You can feel it.  Indeed.

Sally: Why is this concept of family coming up so much for me these days? What it is, what it isn’t, what I think it should be?

Messenger: Yes.

Sally: Being around people who have their own ideas of what family is or isn’t or what it should be and then having that ultimate family of Souls.

Messenger: Family of Souls. Indeed.

Sally:  And how that translates to Earth-

Messenger: It changes everything, that perspective. It changes everything, does it not?  The conception of family. The conception of tribe. The conception of belonging. The conception of identity.  It all changes when the Soul controls the mind.  Welcome to the new consciousness. It is breaking forth everywhere.  There is retaliation, of course.

Sally: By whom?

Messenger: By the ones invested in identity, seeking power, seeking control.  It is the opposite of the Holy way.  The Holy Way is to release identity. To seek transformation and energy instead of power. The powerful are rising up, speaking loudly. They will not prevail.  Love of the People bubbles up from the depths.

Sally: Is this something that is happening soon as well?

Messenger:  It has been happening.  It has been happening. And it shall continue to intensify. The love of the people will drown out the voices of power until the people are the power and the leaders are the people.

Sally: Is this not what this country was originally founded on?

Messenger:  Indeed.

Sally:  And we will get that back?  I know in a different form but…

Messenger:  It has not been achieved. It is a vision.

Sally:  It is a great one.

Messenger:  It is a Holy Vision in a long journey. Every generation is closer.  Closer and closer and closer.

Sally:  Really?

Messenger:  Indeed.  Its not just this country. Every generation has taken a step forward.  It is difficult to see in the turmoil. It is difficult to see with the loud voices, the human bombs. It is difficult to see but the movement is quite clear.  Quite clear.

Sally:  The human bombs are amazing.  How do they do that?  Not even just for themselves, how do they do that to each other?  To others?

Messenger:  This is living, dying, and killing for identity.

Sally:  Would you say that is its most extreme form?

Messenger:  Indeed.  Identity is the poison. Many are willing to live, die and kill for identity.  Sacrifice for identity. The Holy asks that you release identity and see something larger than Self.  It is the Soul. It is the Soul in the body that must survive. You see, human beings cannot survive alone.

Sally:  Of course not.

Messenger:  They need a group. A group form is an identity. An identity is individualist until one must identify one group and by differentiating from another.  When there is good, there must be bad. When there is beauty there must be ugliness.  Do you see?

Sally:  Yes.

Messenger:  The words create the reality and the identity and the certainty and the knowledge.  It is part of the human survival mechanism.  Group identity ultimately is more dangerous than individual identity.

Sally:  Is this part of my lesson with things going on with [an organization]?

Messenger:  Oh yes.  Identity reigns supreme.  Does it not?

Sally:  Apparently.

Messenger:  How does one treasure the history and relinquish identity to transform to a vision of creative embrace of the circumstance at hand?

The energy is waning.

Sally:  Do you have an answer for the question you just asked?

Messenger:  Indeed.  The Holy Way is to see the creative possibility.  It becomes a part of the history.  The history does not become irrelevant.  It becomes a necessity.

Sally:  Am I fighting against something I should not be?  My feeling is [the organization] could serve so many more, and I know the good things that it brings. The reconnection to nature, the silencing of the mind, the building of community, the sharing…they come away from their identities and come in as just people.

Messenger:  Very holy.

Sally:  Very holy.  And this is what my interest is in reestablishing, and I feel there may be some of that going on but I feel that there is a lot of identity that’s keeping it down, that’s keeping it small, keeping it limited, and this is what I feel I’m trying to unblock, if you will.

Messenger: Indeed.

Sally: And I don’t know –

Messenger: The possibilities of what you see and seek are all around you.There are others with the same vision.

Sally: Am I doing this all in vain?

Messenger: No.

Sally: Am I able to make the difference?  Am I able to help –

Messenger: It is not clear. It is not clear. It is not clear what difference will be made with this [organization]. What is clear is that your vision and passion resonate with many.

Sally: Does it resonate with more than those who are fighting against me?

Messenger: Yes. But identity limits the possibility as you perceive, until finally the possibility becomes so small.

Sally:  So there are a few, a couple that I know of in particular, who are all in positions of what I will call power, they are fighting it.

Messenger:  They cannot see beyond the identity.  Do you see?

Sally: Right. So what do I do?

Messenger:  The [organization] has served within this identity for so many.  What you see is that the identity is limiting the outreach and actually is dwindling.

Sally: Yes, it is.

Messenger: You foresee what they fear, so they are digging deeper into their identity, the foundation of what they know and what they are to their own detriment.

Sally: So what can I do?

Messenger: Wait. You can disengage to wait.

Sally: Are they trying to push me out?

Messenger: I do not see an intention.

Sally: Well, there was a statement that my current position is only three years and two of these years have been spent…the first year understanding, the second year trying to change and now I have a third year that, in my opinion is being blocked because of their refusal to address the situation.

Messenger: Yes. But it is not a universal feeling.

Sally: No. But the ones that have the final say-so.

Messenger: Yes.

Sally: Are the ones that are blocking it.

Messenger:  Indeed.  It is not a situation of creative embrace.  My daughter, do not be afraid to disengage and wait.

Sally:  I feel that I’ve waited so long for this moment, and we almost created a tipping point and then one of the people who are so wrapped up in identity jumped back in the game and renewed the others wrapped up in identity.

Messenger: Yes. Yes. You are influencing. You are influencing. And you will be a resource.

Sally: To whom?

Messenger: To the agents of change and embrace.  My daughter, you are learning so much. The place that you envision, the magic that you have experienced and witnessed, the opening of the heart and Soul, the calming of the mind, the Holy identity and awareness, you are not the only one yearning to create this, to train the mentors. You will not be alone but it may not happen at this [organization]. Do you see?

Sally: Unfortunately, I’m seeing it.  And it is so unnecessary.

Messenger: I’m not saying it won’t happen.

Sally: I know.

Messenger: The dynamics, the dynamics are unpredictable.

Sally:  There are just too many who aren’t really speaking the truth.  Or maybe not too many but some significant figures.

Messenger: There’s a limited truth.

Sally: There is a limited truth.

Messenger: Founded in identity, group and individual identity.

Sally: How can I help them take their identity elsewhere?

Messenger:  It is not your role.  Stay and wait.  Stay and wait.

Sally: Thank you.

Messenger: Relinquish expectation.  It frustrates you.

Sally: Sure does.

Messenger: Stay and wait. Stay and wait. Stay and wait.  And there are those who hear and listen and there are those who share the Vision.  The more you see it, the more you articulate it and the more you learn, the more you will connect.  Indeed.  The vision has been with you a long time, my daughter.

Sally: Yeah.

Messenger: The place of learning for the children to experience the sacred in so many ways.

Sally: Yeah.

Messenger: It has been with you.  It is in your Soul.

Sally: It is crazy to me that it is not a natural thing for humans.  How could they miss something so important?  For what?

Messenger: Indeed. Indeed.

Sally: Thank you for your time tonight, again.

Messenger: It has been a pleasure to see you.




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Michael Olin-Hitt is a writer and Oracle.


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    • Thanks for the note. I feel like it is new to me, also–and it’s been happening to me for 18 years. It is always stunning material that the Messenger provides. I find it stretches and enlightens, and I’m glad to share it.

    • Thank you for the kind remark. I will post more transcripts from Oracle Sessions soon. I will post them on FaceBook, so you can like me there to get updates. Michael Olin-Hitt Writer-Oracle.

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    • Thank you. It is not actually me who comes up with the information. It is from an “Oracle Session,” which means the information comes through me via a spiritual messenger. I know it sounds wild, but it’s true. I’m glad you find it helpful; the gift is meant to be shared.

    • Thank you. The writing style is actually not mine. Although I am indeed a writer, these posts are transcripts of “Oracle Sessions,” in which I go into a trance and channel a spiritual messenger. So, the phrasing and content are not of me but from beyond me.

    • Thank you for your comments. I will be posting more transcripts of Oracle Sessions soon, but you may also enjoy the posts of “Proverbs of the Holy,” which are shorter quotes.

  5. This is the perfect website for anybody who hopes to understand this topic. You understand so much its almost hard to argue with you (not that I really will need to…HaHa). You certainly put a fresh spin on a topic that’s been discussed for many years. Excellent stuff, just excellent!

    • Thank you for your kind words. The material you have read is a transcript from what I call an Oracle Session. It is “channeled” material from a spiritual guide I call “The Messenger of the Holy.” It is indeed amazing material. It amazes me every time. I’ll post more of these transcripts soon.

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