The Self Beyond The Self


This is one of my favorite lessons from the Messenger of the Holy. This transcript from an oracle session is in the book Messenger of the Holy in Chapter 11.

I have come to understand that the "self" that we share with our culture is a mask, which is functional in much of our dealings with our society. Below this is the "self within the self." The Messenger teaches that this self within is our spiritual essence, and from this self within we find our spiritual gifts. However, it is important not to get "stuck" in the self within. Our spiritual gifts can be enticing and can provide us with personal edification, especially if we become a spiritual practitioner. The Messenger teaches that you must go deeper, to the "Self Beyond the Self." This awareness of self beyond is found in the unification or merging with the Holy. At this level of consciousness, our sense of self dissolves into a greater "Self." It is actually a Self without self. Many people fear surrendering the self, but the Self beyond the self is actually a greater Self than we can imagine. When we return from this awareness of a selfless Self, then our spiritual practices take a more sacred perspective.

What follows is the transcript from the Messenger. When I go into the trance state I call the oracle state, the Messenger of the Holy speaks through me, and I record and transcribe the lessons.

The Messenger of the Holy said:

I shall tell you about the self, the self within the self, and the self beyond the self. There is a self. It is an illusion. It is a mask.

There are some who live only on the surface, only on their husk. It is a way of living which leads to a clutching of the self. They do not seek the self within the self. Such a life does not allow for the release of self, the surrender to the Holy. Such a life grieves the Holy.

There is a self within the self. It is a spark, an ember. It is the
essence and the purpose of your being. When the Spirit enters you, fans the embers, shines through you, then the ancient and unchanging becomes new in you. The spark can be seen as if shining through a crystal. Every crystal is unique, and the Spirit glows through you in new and unexpected ways. Each person creates a new pattern when the holy light shines through the crystal essence. It is humbling, is it not, to be a vessel for the ancient and unchanging to become new in the now? The Holy Whole expands through such a life. That which lacks nothing is added unto. The Holy Whole is elastic, greater than you can imagine. Even those in the Holy Whole cannot know the Wholeness.

Many discover the self within the self and engage their holy purpose. It is a way of living.

Then there is a Self beyond the self. It is not a self at all. It is a no-self, a non-self, and yet there is identity and purpose. The way to the self beyond is in and through: Into the self within the self and through to the self beyond the self.

Some find the way to the selfless self of the beyond to be out, not in and through. It is a difficult way. The mind becomes a barrier. It takes great discipline to free the mind, to empty the mind and rise to the non-self of the self beyond the self through an outward journey of the spirit.

The easier way is in and through. The self within the self becomes a portal, a doorway to the self beyond the self. Many stop at the self within the self, but the Holy Way is to go in and through to the beyond.

Do not worry. When you enter the self beyond the self, when you dissolve into the Holy Whole while living in the body, you will return to the body. The surrender of the self to the Holy Whole does not stop life, but gives life.

This is a glimpse of where I am in the Holy Whole. But a glimpse is all you can receive. The grandeur of the Holy will crush your body, split your husk. You receive glimpses as indications and examples of the Holy so that when you come to the end of your days, you recognize the way to release self and enter the selfless self of the Holy Whole. And there you will find a self beyond your expectations and a purpose beyond your understanding.


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