The Masks and the Shattering


This is a transcript from an Oracle Session in 2007. Only the general wisdom is provided here; the individual messages of the participants are held in sacred privacy.

In an Oracle Session, I go into a trance state (which I call the Oracle State), and a spiritual messenger I call the Messenger of the Holy speaks through me. I record these sessions and often transcribe them.  Below is such a transcription.

Oracle Session:  The Masks and the Shattering


Sunday, October 28, 2007


The Messenger of the Holy said:

My children, I see you.  I see you.  I see you.  I see you, my children.  I see you.  I shall speak of the masks.  And I shall speak of the shattering.  And I shall speak of the remaking.  I shall speak of the masks, the shattering and the remaking.  It is the lesson you have chosen.

My children.  My children.  There are many masks.  Many masks.  Sometimes masks are placed upon the Holy Whole, what you know as G-d.  There are many masks for the Holy Whole for people yearn to see the face of G-d.  I tell you my children, the Holy Whole is a faceless face.  The Holy Whole is a Sacred emptiness.  The Holy Whole is a compassionate desire for Wholeness!  My children, the masks, the masks have become confusing to the people.  They are no longer avenues to the Holy.  Is it possible, my children, is it possible, my children, to see beyond the masks as they were intended?  To see in the traditions what gave birth to the traditions?  The wholeness of the people with the Spirit of G-d?  Is it possible, my children?  Must the masks be shattered?   My children.  The masks must be seen for what they are for they are for they are beautiful.  A tradition is beautiful.  But when the mask becomes the tradition then the heart of the Holy breaks for the unity that is the compassionate desire of the Holy Whole is not possible.  For the people cannot reach the Holy.  They stop at the mask.  And they say, “Here is the face of G-d.  THE face of G-d.  The other faces are not of G-d.  They are of idols.  This is the face of the one true G-d.”

My children, we must see beyond the masks.  We must see beyond the masks.  You must see beyond the traditions.  But the traditions are Holy ways.  Holy ways.  And if we trace them back, trace them back to the birth of tradition, I tell you, a tradition has a birth.  An interaction with the Spirit of G-d does not…it is eternal.  Everlasting.  Without beginning and without end.  And it is from this that a tradition is born.  It is never intended to be a tradition.  There are those who walk the face of the Earth with the Unity of G-d in their heart.  Such people have walked for generations.  They are the Spirit Keepers.  And they encounter the Holy!  They encounter the faceless face of the Holy Whole and they know the blessing of emptiness, of non-being. They know the Selfless Self.  They know how to surrender this Self and let go of identity and accept an identity beyond their awareness.  Beyond their ability to understand.  They can walk in both worlds, these people.  And from their experience they bring others to the awareness of the Holy.  The Holy within and the Holy beyond.  And a tradition is born.  And there are ceremonies.  And there are rituals that bring the people to the awareness of G-d.  And there are generations born into the tradition who know the tradition is a mask and know that beyond the tradition is the Holy.  So they follow the tradition and they become Spirit Keepers themselves.  And the tradition deepens and strengthens.  Generation upon generation, the Spirit Keepers walk the tradition until it is a strong path.  A strong cord.  An avenue to the Holy.  But what happens, my children, when the Spirit People leave the tradition, for the tradition has become only a mask?  Does the tradition die?  Or does it merely wither?

I tell you, my children, you do not need to run from a tradition.  You need only to seek the origin of the tradition and know that You are the origin.  For the tradition lives only in the people.  Only in the people.  In fact, for many of you, you can not leave the tradition.  For you are born into it and it is born into you.  You are marked by it.  The Sacred Way.  And some of you have walked the Earth as a Spirit Person without a tradition.  And it is a good place for even without a tradition you can hold the Spirit of G-d in you.  It is a lonely place but a good place.  You need not leave the traditions, my children.  You need only see their origins.  But if you can not face the mask, go to the Fields of Promise, pitch your tent and look to the sky and see the faceless Face in the space between.

I tell you, my children, that many traditions, or strands, are in a braid and the braid comes to the Holy Whole and every tradition is a good strand if it is lived by the Spirit Keepers and the braid is strengthened by every strand.  Unravel a strand and the braid is weakened!  And the way is lost.  There are strands we do not even recognize that some of you walk.  It is not a strandless strand.  It is a spirituality without a religion.  A spirituality without a tradition.  And yet there are patterns in this spirituality for the Spirit of G-d interacts in wide patterns, recognizable patterns, so that these people know they are on the Sacred Way.

Do you need a tradition?  No.  Must you run from a tradition?  No.  Can you turn away from a tradition?  Yes.  Is one tradition better than another?  Only for the individual who needs that tradition.  Once you enter the braid, my children, they all blend.  They all blend.  And they go to different parts of the Holy Whole.  They are all true and not complete.  These are the masks that are the ways.  See the masks for what they are, my children.  And I tell you, they will not be shattered.  They will become invisible.

A way of knowing is coming upon the people.  Its never before been known among the people, this way of knowing.  This way of knowing the complexity of the Holy Whole.  That the Holy Whole embraces many into the one.  Finds truth in paradox.  Wholeness in opposition.  This awareness is coming upon the people so that the Visions shall no longer be disruptions.  The Holiness, which shall be celebrations, celebrations of the beautiful variety of paths and peoples and ways.  And they will be seen as a braid coming into the Holy Whole and the masks will fade for they do not need to hide the unity of the Holy Whole.

Smashing the masks, my children, is not the answer!  For you will become targets of the worshippers of the masks.  But teaching the Holy Way, my children!  Living the Holy Way!  Being Spirit Keepers!  They shall make the masks fade for the next generation! My children.  The Children of Light are among you.  Some of them are in the generations seated here.  They have been sprinkled through the generations but they are being called for the task of raising the Spiritual Awareness.  For there’s great crisis possible.  Great disruption.  And there are choices to be made.  So wisdom cries out.  Wisdom cries out.  Know my ways and live or ignore my ways and die.

My children.  You are the Spirit Keepers.  You are the Spirit Keepers.  How shall you then raise the children into awareness?  Raise the children so that they do not lose the awareness and wear a mask?  For they are born with it.  They are born with it.  Who shall recognize it?  And name it?  Nurture it?  Who shall see the spark of G-d in their hearts and let the Holy wind blow upon the spark until it glows?  And when the gathering takes place, the glow becomes a flame.  Yes, my children.  It is your task.  Your sacred purpose.  To teach.  To teach the many.  And to teach the Wholeness.

My children, there are also masks upon the faces of the people.  Layers and layers of masks.  Not of the person wearing the masks placed on the person, adopted by the person.  And some of the masks are so tight to the skin they have become one.  So the mask is the identity the person knows as themselves.  Mask upon mask, the people walk and I tell you, the light of G-d can not shine through when the masks are many.  So there are times there must be a shattering.  These masks must be shattered.  So that the Spirit within can interact with the Spirit beyond.  For they are unified, my children.

My children, you have all known the shattering, the time of shattering.  The time of shattering when the vessel you know as yourself shatters and crumbles to the ground and the shards are sharp and as you walk they may cut your feet.  It is a painful time.  A painful time, the time of the shattering.  But I tell you, when you are remade, when the Holy brings the shards together, it is not a mask anymore.  It is a vessel.  And the vessel fits to your soul so that you may be a container.  A container of the Spirit and thus become a Spirit Carrier, a Spirit Person, a Spirit Keeper.  Time of the Shattering, my children.  And some of you have known many shatterings.  And the shards do not need to be seen as threatening, as edges to slice your flesh.  It can be seen as beautifully crystals to reflect the light of G-d.  The shards of you.  For I tell you, in the beginning of all things, the very heart of G-d shattered.  And you, my children, You, my children, are the shards.  The crystals. The possibilities of G-d.

So let us speak of the masks and the shattering.  The masks and the shattering.




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