Private and Remote Oracle Sessions

Private Oracle Sessions

I conduct group oracle session regularly in the Akron/Canton area of Ohio, and I can easily do a private session for people in this area. For other options, see below:

By Remote Access:

I have recently discovered that a private Oracle Session via Skype, FaceTime or Facebook Messenger works. It is just as deep and meaningful as a session in person. It is a venue I was hesitant to explore, but it is quite wonderful.  The session will last about one-and-a-half hours, including orientation. Please contact me on the form below if you are interested. I charge $150.oo for this service, for 1 to 3 people. Any additional person over 3 will be $50.00.

In Person with Groups at your Location:

On a limited basis, I am able to visit your home or a location of your choice to conduct an Oracle Session. It is usually a group experience for up to 10 people. For details of the Oracle Session, visit the page on the main menu for Oracle Sessions.I truly enjoy sharing the oracle gift with others. It is the sweetest part of my life, to be honest. The experience is always uplifting and deeply moving. For a group, there is a sense of bonding that is unlike anything I have experienced.  Even if the group is comprised of strangers, there is spiritual connection. If the people are already acquainted with each other, then the profound sense of sharing is gentle, significant and rewarding.

A group Oracle Session lasts about 3 hours, including explanation, ceremony and the actual oracle trance. (The trance and information can last up to 2 hours). It is best to schedule 4 hours to allow for debriefing and perhaps refreshments. I digitally record the sessions, and I make the audio files available via a drop box on the internet. Every person has an individual track of their guidance, but I make the entire session available. Nobody has ever asked for their section to be kept private, but I can do this if requested. You can download and listen to the files. They are yours to keep. I never publish people's individual guidance.I don't intend to make a great deal of money on Oracle Sessions, but I also can't afford to lose money. Thus, there are some issues surrounding funds that need to be addressed.

Cost for Group Sessions:

I usually charge $50 per person for an Oracle Session in a private setting. This fee can be negotiated a bit, depending on your group or organization. I have often visited Holistic Health Centers or other groups to do a large, public presentation or workshop. After the presentation, I can then conduct an Oracle Session for up to 10 people who register for the session. If I stay more than one day, I can do a few sessions.  (In a single day, I can do a presentation and one session. In an entire day, I can do two sessions: one in the morning and one in the evening). The visit can also include a book signing.


If you are within a 2-hour driving radius from Akron, Ohio, I can travel by car to your location. For such visits, I will add the fee of travel to my regular fee for Oracle Sessions. (Just gas and food money).If you are farther than a 2-hour drive, it will be necessary for me to both travel and stay a night (or two). To make this affordable for your group, I can conduct up to two Oracle Session per day. That pushes me a bit, but it will allow you to potentially schedule two groups of 10 people to spread the cost of my travel a bit.I prefer to stay overnight in a hotel, to provide personal space and rest.If you would like to discuss details about an Oracle Session at your location, don't hesitate to contact me. Scheduling far in advance is helpful to my professional and personal life.

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