Prayer and Meditation


This is a transcript from an Oracle Session. Like the other transcripts, the origins of the text is a recording of a time I am in deep trance, and the spiritual guide, whom I call the Messenger of the Holy, spoke through me. This is a short excerpt about the purpose of prayer and meditation:


Prayer, Meditation and Merging with the Holy:

A prayer is the mystery of incarnation, the merging of the present with the eternal, the holy mystery. When your life is a prayer, you are open to the eternal presence. You become part of the Holy, a representative of the Holy Whole.

Prayer and meditation are central elements in the work of holiness. For in the times of deep prayer or meditation, the Holy enters you and raises you above the cares of the temporal, the limitations of the body, the understanding of the mind, beyond all things that create the illusion of identity. You merge with the Spirit.

The Holy waits. The messengers wait. The spiritual energies of the world and of the earth wait. And when the door opens, we sweep in.

May your moments become holy. May your lives become expressions of the sacred.

Prayer and meditation unite the eternal with the now.

What is the Spirit of God without the now but endlessness? What is the now without the eternal presence of God but emptiness? Shall the endless find purpose and the empty be filled in such moments of prayerful merging?

Let the eternal come to the embodied. Let the Holy come to the now, and let the temporal become an avenue to the eternal. It is a mutual fulfillment, my children—a mutual fulfillment.

Let the Holy come to you, work through you. The ways of the Holy are eternal, everlasting, never changing, uncreated. And yet, that which is unchanging, that which is uncreated, that which is holy is new in you, new through you.


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