Oracle Sessions

Wisdom/Oracle Session:
Explanation and Preparation

An Oracle Session allows people to enter into a sacred experience of awe, wonder and spiritual guidance.

During an Oracle Session, I allow myself to enter into what I call an “oracle state,”which is a trance state. While in the Oracle State, I become a conduit for inspired guidance. A spiritual mesenger enters me and speaks through me. Words flow from my lips, offering support, guidance, insight, and revelation.  I have no explanation or understanding for why this ability has come to me, but I do know that it is a gift to be shared.  An Oracle Session allows me to become a vehicle to invite you into an awareness of the Sacred.

The ability I call the “oracle state” has been experienced and explained in many different traditions.  It is known as the gift of prophecy for some, for others it is called channeling.  I have chosen the term “oracle” because it accurately describes the ability while avoiding terminology that is loaded with preconceptions.

During an Oracle Session, there is general wisdom shared for the entire group, then there is specific wisdom provided for each individual.  The words are always uplifting and encouraging, even when areas of difficulty in our lives are addressed.  The session is recorded, and you are able to download the audio files.

The Oracle/Wisdom Session Process:

It is important to note from the beginning that people from any or no faith tradition can benefit from an Oracle Session.   There is a level of sacred awareness I call “deep mysticism,” which takes us beyond the separations of faith traditions.  Our faith traditions are avenues for us to journey in our quest for the Holy.  In a wisdom session, we enter this journey together from multiple and unique perspectives, and we enter a spiritual experience of “deep mysticism.”

My personal spiritual journey began in Christianity, and I still consider myself to be Christian.  In my yearning and search for the Holy, I have found elements of other faiths to be meaningful and essential to my experiences of the Sacred. I call the combination of spiritual practices to be the Braided Way.

An Oracle Session begins with a ceremony combining elements of several faith traditions.  The purpose of the ceremony is to establish sacred space and to center the group on spiritual concerns.  It is a way to open our spiritual hearts.  I usually begin the ceremony with the “smudging” of sage, which is a Native American practice for cleansing and declaring a sacred intention.  I then light a Christ candle, to honor my Christian background and to invite the Spirit of Wisdom or the Holy Spirit to be among us.  I offer a song in Lakota, which invites the Sacred from all directions to be among us.  Then I ask people to read short excerpts of sacred writings from several traditions.

After this ceremony, which braids faith traditions, there is a sense of sacred space, and people are encouraged to offer issues of concerns or questions.  The voicing of these issues begins to shape the wisdom that will come while I am in the oracle state.

After the sharing of questions and concerns, there is a deep peace and anticipation among the gathering.  I ask everyone to enter into a meditative openness, and I allow myself to enter into the oracle state.  From this point, the inspired wisdom comes forth with a grace and depth that is beyond my human awareness.

To Prepare for an Oracle Session:

It is best to come to a wisdom session with some area of concern or with a deep question.  Spiritual curiosity itself is a question, and it is enough to acknowledge this as your purpose.  However, specific areas of concern often invite deeper guidance and support.

You are invited to bring a small item to place upon an “altar” I make in the center of the circle in which we sit.  This altar is a blanket, on which I set sacred items, such as the Christ candle.  You may set an item of spiritual significance upon this altar as a way to tangibly bring yourself to the ceremony.  A piece of jewelry, a photograph, a stone, any item that reminds you of your spiritual essence or deep concern will be appropriate.

To find out where my Oracle Session are scheduled, please contact me.