Messenger of the Holy


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Messenger of the Holy

“While praying in October 1998, I was literally knocked to the floor. I was
flooded with spiritual energy. My body shook with tremors, but my mind was perfectly clear. I knew that something holy was entering me, and I knew I had to surrender.”

Michael Olin-Hitt was not prepared for the way a spiritual messenger would break into his mind and body. While praying, he began to enter a deep state of spiritual awareness. His breathing, throat, and voice were taken by a Messenger of the Holy, and wisdom lessons flowed from his lips.Follow his journey as he accepts the gift of an Oracle and dives into the mystical depths of spiritual experience.

When Michael and his wife, Jennifer, experience devastating grief and loss, they have direct access to this Messenger of the Holy to provide spiritual perspective, wisdom, comfort and guidance. This is the vulnerable, genuine story of human struggle, spiritual transformation, mystical experience and sacred wisdom.

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