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About Me: Michael Olin-Hitt

Michael Olin-Hitt

The one thing that unites all of my writing is a deep interest in spiriutal gifts and the many ways in which they manifest in people’s lives. My novel, my book of short stories and both books of nonfiction are explorations of the mysteries of our spiritual inheritance as human beings. Spiritual experiences are very personal and difficult to explain. Because I am open and vulnerable about my own spiritual journey, I have been blessed to hear other people’s stories. I enjoy using my background in writing to bear witness to the mysteries of faith in the midst of life’s great challenges.

Like most people, my life is comprised of several roles.  By day, I am an English Professor.  At home, I am husband and father. But I have one role that is unusual and difficult to explain.  I am an oracle.
Since 1998, I have been able to enter into an altered state of consciousness or trance, during which a spiritual presence speaks through me.  The result is astounding information that is far beyond my knowledge.  The spiritual messenger who speaks through me has never given me a name and has said simply, “I am of the Holy.”  So, I have called this guide “The Messenger of The Holy,” or “The Messenger” for short. In our culture, the two most prominent terms to describe my experience would be “deep-trance channeling” and “prophecy.”  Given the options of calling myself a channel or a prophet, I have gravitated instead toward the ancient term of “oracle.” This term accurately describes my experience without the heavy associations of the other terms. To read about this experience of the “oracle gift” see my book: Messenger of the Holy.

As a professor of English, I teach creative writing, American literature and Native American literature. As an oracle, I lead small groups in “Oracle Sessions,” in which I goes into a trance state and allow the Messenger of the Holy to speak through me and offer spiritual insight to participants. As a writer, I have published Messenger of the HolyA Fish Made of Water: An Oracle’s Guide to the Spiritual Universe, and two books of fiction: The Homegoing: A Novel and Messiah Complex and Other Stories. As an editor, I publish Braided Way Magazine: The Faces and Voices of Spiritual Practice.